A Novel Based on Historical Events of the First Opium War.

The Opium Lord’s Daughter is a work of historical fiction told from dual perspectives—Chinese and English—about the First Opium War, a dramatic and history-altering conflict. Wang’s gripping story benefits from his extensive research and attention to historical detail. The novel takes readers directly into a tale spanning two continents, vividly told through the perspectives of several colorful main characters whose stories serve to illuminate both the intricacies and the sweep of this critical period in history.

Following in the tradition of noted historical fiction writers such as Ken Follett, Philippa Gregory, and James Clavell, Wang’s novel artfully weaves true events and characters into the narrative, offering the reader a selective glimpse into a world—populated with rogue drug traders, imperialist government officials, religious zealots, and scrappy survivors—that is both antiquated yet relevant to current events, including the opioid crisis and ongoing East-West tensions. A must-read for history buffs and fans of tales well-told!